Year 3/4 Mini TennisClose Window

Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


2 girls

2 boys

From either yr 3 or 4

Games are timed

Equipment that you need to bring;

A racket per child which is no longer than 23” in length – any longer is too long for them

Mini red tennis balls ( please see the picture below – please don’t bring any other type)

Please could you bring a zig net if you have one – 2 if you have more ( see below what one looks like!)

If we don’t have enough zig nets we will have to use tape – we have 4 full sized courts which each take 4 zig nets – so that is 16 we need altogether – I have about 6 that I can access.

If you don’t have rackets I can bring some – let me know if you need to borrow.

Each team is made up of 2 girls and 2 boys. You number each child – girl 1, girl 2, boy1, boy 2. The player numbered one should be your best player. They will play their equivalent on the other teams.

You will have at least 4 matches.

Each match will be timed – we will make the decision about the length of the match on the day when we see conditions etc.

This tournament is supposed to be for children that do not play tennis for a club. If they play tennis for a club they will get a rating and are not eligible to play. If in doubt please check with parents or via the LTA website

There is a car park beside the courts. Parents may come to watch but will not be allowed inside the courts – there is plenty of space for them to watch outside the courts.

You will be scoring and umpiring for your teams.