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8 a side

Can include girls

8 a side ( if you start with less than 8 - you only get the number of overs bowled to you for the number of players in the team)

Batting side divided into pairs, each pair batting for 2 overs, with a new pair starting at the end of the 2nd, 4th and 6th overs. 

Each team starts with a batting total of 200.

Each time a batter is out, 5 runs are deducted and the batters cahnge ends so that the other batter faces the next ball.

A batter maybe  bowled out, caught out, run out, stumped or hit wicket

There is no lbw unless the batter deliberately blocks with a leg or foot

2 runs are awarded to the batting team for each wide and no ball bowled - no extra ball is bowled except in the final over. No balls are scored 2 plus the number of runs 

Each player on the fielding team must bowl an over ( if a team has less than 8 a coach can select a player to bowl another over)

Bowling takes place from one end only

If a ball bounces more than twice before reaching the crease it is ano ball

Start with 200 runs

each pair bat for 2 overs

Lose runs when given out.